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Welcome ! @@@@
Technical Director:@
Yukio Fujimoto, Dr.Eng.

Keisoku Support Ltd. was established as the venture business subjected to
Hiroshima University Japan, and aims to apply research achievements into practical engineering.
@Development and sales of several kinds of sensors made from
piezoelectric material,
ADesign and sales of measurement devices and data aquisition systems,
BConsignment related with the above@ and A
are our main service contents.

As your partner in development of measurement devices, especially in the measurement of mechanical features such as stress/strain, force, deformation, vibration and impact load, and several kinds of sensors made from piezoelectric material, we are glad to satisfy any requirements from you.


About our company

Name Keisoku Support Ltd.
Address 739-0023 Shimominaka 354-57, Higashi-Hiroshima, Hiroshima, Japan
TEL: 082-424-7813@
FAX: 082-422-7194
TEL/FAX: 082-426-0982iMain Officej
Capital 3,000,000Yen


Jyunko Fujimoto
Bank Account Momiji Bank
Business Contents Production and sales of piezoelectric sensors
@@@{sheet type dynamic load sensor,
@@@{sheet type impact force sensor,
@@@{sheet type shear force sensor,
@@@{bending sensor
@@@{small load sensor@
Design and sale of measurement systems,
@@@{data aquisition system,
@@@{measurement device
Entrusted research, Engineer training.
Cooperators Venture Business Laboratory, Hiroshima University
Graduate Schoolof Engineering, Hiroshima University

Please contact with us by E-mail, FAX or Telephone.
FAXF 082-422-7194 @@TEkF@082-424-7813@@

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